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College to carry out fire emergency evacuation drills



        (guard Hu Zhongfan reported) in the afternoon of September 10, 2016, although the sky under a light rain, but it can not stop the industry and trade 2000, 2016 students who want to participate in the fire escape simulation exercises. The Department of defense, the Department of science and Technology Department, and the Department of public teaching and the Ministry of Education jointly organized a fire emergency evacuation drill in the students' dormitory. Zhao Shuhua, vice president of the college, Zhou Xiaoyi attended the event, deputy director of the Defense Department, deputy director of the school, the Department (Division) in charge of student work, deputy director of the Department and the security department staff to participate. This activity by the students in charge of the work of vice president Zhao Shuhua announced the start, deputy director Wu Xiaofeng presided over.



    15:20, 110 patrol car fire alarm sounded, the dormitory door before the smoke and fire smoke billowing smoke, the student dormitory administrator immediately to the fire channel are all opened, the Counselor (teacher) led two students from their respective dormitory simulation escape, just a few minutes, all the students are standardized, orderly and rapid evacuation. To achieve the desired effect.


    After the event, the school in charge of security work, vice president Zhou Xiaoyi made a summary of the important speech. He proposed to carry out fire emergency evacuation drills is very necessary, the purpose is to further enhance the students' awareness of fire safety, learning and mastering the common sense of emergency evacuation through the exercise activities. To train students to learn to calm, orderly, rapid escape from the scene of the fire escape skills and fire fighting skills. To lay a good foundation for students in the future encounter similar incidents.


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