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Networking application technology of modern apprenticeship cooperation opening ceremony


    (Department of information engineering Fu Juchun reports) September 19th morning, the 2016 level networking application technology of modern apprenticeship cooperation opening ceremony was held in our hospital, to attend the opening ceremony of the school representatives: College Party committee, researcher Hao Yuzhong, Party committee member, assistant dean Ai Sulong, teacher leadership and related professional information Engineering Department; business representatives are: Jiangxi Guoding Technology Co. Ltd. General Manager Wu Fangguo Huang Junyong, deputy general manager, executive director Zhu Xiaohong a line of three people; 2016 level networking application technology professional students and instructors to participate in the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was held in the second major building room 110, deputy director of the meeting by the Department of information engineering Liu Changwan (chair) chair.

    The meeting first introduced the enterprise leaders and related personnel, then networking application technology leader Tao Xuhong teacher to explain in detail the "arrangement of modern apprenticeship and professional courses, and students from the perspective of the professional development and training of professional networking is expounded.

Application of IOT technology students on behalf of the ebullience speech Yao drops on behalf of all things, she applied technology professional students for the position: school, department have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, as a good example, do modern apprenticeship cooperation to lead, to win glory for the school, Department of information engineering, Jiangxi Guoding Technology Co. Ltd. to learn the latest achievements of networking technology, to make you a good Internet application technology professionals.

    College Party committee, assistant dean Ai Sulong made an important statement. First he thank the support enterprises of our school, the Department of information engineering school enterprise cooperation mode for the bold exploration of modern apprentice said a high degree of certainty, play a leading role model, for students to cherish the opportunity to seriously study also put forward some hope, finally he asked the Department of information engineering to continue the bold exploration and innovation, to overcome the difficulties push forward the work of school enterprise cooperation mode for modern apprenticeship.

Wu Fangguo, general manager of Jiangxi state science and Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech, expressing the enterprise to promote the modern apprentice system and school enterprise cooperation model is full of confidence. Mainly as follows: first, we see the prospects for the development of the Internet of things; two is that we are willing to invest in the vocational education industry, we can do a social responsibility. At last he related content from the Internet of things development, employment, enterprise training in detail, let the students on the Internet of things students learn to clear and professional future.

Finally, the college Party committee, researcher Hao Yuzhong proposed some suggestions: one is the mode of hope is essential to enhance the comprehensive quality and technical level of the students from the modern apprenticeship training personnel; the two is that the Department in the talents training mode of bold exploration and practice, build enterprise more broad platform for students is three; hope that enterprises with professional and cooperative and complementary and college teaching team, the enterprise of "master" to participate in the whole process of training, realize the enterprise total fertility. Play college teachers to participate in enterprise engineering and enterprise technology innovation research and development advantages, to achieve win-win cooperation! Four is hope that students cherish the opportunity to study hard.

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