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Our hospital holds 2016 freshmen military training report conference


    (Department of armed Deng Liqian reports), an invigorating autumn climate osmanthus fragrance, 2016 freshmen military training report conference kicked off in the National Anthem sound, school party secretary Wan Yuqing, President, vice president Peng Rui, Lai Zulong, Zhao Shuhua, assistant dean Ai Sulong and other leaders attended the report meeting, the meeting was presided over by researcher Hao Yuzhong.

    With the "Chinese people's Liberation Army march" played in the University team, under the guidance of the 6 square foot consists of 600 freshmen with neat pace, high spirit through the podium parade; women's gymnastics, men's dagger and cudgel fighting spirit by shaking sou, darling, the slogan, in high and vigorous spirits the housekeeping team; everyone is busy but not chaotic, orderly folding "chunks"; the fire rescue team quickly, close combat; women's team with uniform queue queue action, showing the great moment, Party school, described a "forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move" a beautiful pattern. The amplitude pattern makes students greatly, the site has won a bursts of applause.


Deputy head of the military training corps, vice president Zhao Shuhua read out on the recognition of the 2016 advanced students of military training advanced collective and advanced individual decisions. In recognition of 11 advanced collectives and 121 advanced individuals, the rostrum leaders awarded honorary certificates for banners, units and individuals were commended.

Finally, the college party secretary, President Wan Yuqing made a speech, he pointed out that military training is an important way to implement the party's education policy, promoting quality education and initiatives, but also the first lesson of College life. I hope the students will be training the spirit and keep it off and carry forward, into a good school spirit and style of study, and strive to create a comprehensive development, quality of the new era of College students. At the same time, we hope that all the freshmen get down to take a good university life every step, in the mind always love the motherland, love the people, love the party. As a crossbow in the study on the "just as the arrow". Study hard, work hard, strive for perfection, positive practice, courage to innovate, all-round development. In person, "often repair for others, often with men's heart". Courageous, helpful, law-abiding, promote righteousness. Take practical action, to add luster, and contribute to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream.   


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