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Discipline organization to carry out micro corruption centralized rectification inspections


     (discipline inspection supervision and examination reports in accordance with the Commission for discipline inspection chamber), "on the" micro corruption "notice" concentrated rectification, school discipline in September 18th organized relevant personnel to form a thorough investigation group in-depth hospital departments launched the "micro corruption" focus on remediation inspection work. Take the inspection without warning, in-depth supervision work area, business offices of inspectors make unannounced visits. In the inspections, Fangzu members to see the staff of various departments and staff, and department leaders and staff were part of a conversation, focusing on understanding in the various departments of our hospital service window if there is misconduct, abuse of power, Sungongfeisi, excellent affectionate friend, take the opportunity to collect money, Nobel without practice, but not real, male poor performance of their duties and eight "micro corruption problems. From the inspection results, the Department is able to earnestly implement the spirit of the College Discipline Inspection Commission, conscientiously perform their duties, with good service attitude and quality of service to do their work, the majority of teachers and students. But in the inspection also found that individual staff are violations of work discipline, the Commission will depend on the circumstances according to discipline in accordance with regulations of relevant departments and personnel accountability.

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