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College students to carry out the smooth work of the year 2016 student recruitment activities


(School of Zhou Yunxiang report) in September 18th, the Institute of work study job recruitment activities held in the executive attached to the entrance hall. Recruitment will start in the hall on the crowds, to apply for the students in a continuous line, warm atmosphere in order to recruit college, vice president Zhao Shuhua, huagongchu huagongchu director Li Zunhua and deputy director Luo Weibing visit the recruitment site guidance.

The recruitment will be held at the school funding center, the purpose of the school is to work hard to fully open, so that students in line with the conditions of fair competition, grasp the opportunity to work study. The recruitment of a total of 119 students to participate, the number of job requirements for the 12, the 29 Departments of the school work study person in charge at the scene to the students conducted an interview. College Party committee member, vice president Zhao Shuhua in the recruitment site details about the job settings, labor requirements and other issues. She pointed out that this year's school work place to do the experiment, is a very good job innovation, can promote the work study work more standardized, to the needs of families to ease the pressure of the family to provide real student opportunities. She also with students who come to candidates had a cordial conversation, she hopes to seize the opportunity, the students love their work, improve their comprehensive quality and practice ability constantly in the student post.

The school all part-time jobs as a whole, unified open recruitment, greatly get the students certainly, the future huagongchu funded center will be held once each semester in part-time jobs concentrated recruitment activities, to ensure that the college work really open, fair and just.


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