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eminar on "College Students' knowledge of physical and mental health" in school education


(huagongchu Liang Sichen reported) at the beginning of the new term, in order to make college students effectively adapt to the new environment, create a favorable campus environment of College Students' physical and mental health and public opinion atmosphere, September 14-20, 2016 for college freshmen to carry out the "seminar on health knowledge of College students. The lecture is divided into girls and boys special session, in which the 2 girls, boys 3. 2016 freshmen a total of more than 2000 participants.

The lecture are experts from the Nanchang charity hospital to teach adolescent physical health knowledge and psychological counseling center from the teacher to teach the students adapt to the psychological problems and adjustment". College Students' positive mood, physiological and mental maturity, first awakening interest in the opposite sex, for mental health knowledge of adolescent physiology do not understand, especially for, or relating to the contents of all to avoid the talk, it urgently want to know. In view of the various problems that students may have in adolescence, the physiological experts have been carefully answered. At the same time, for boys and girls of different characteristics of the character, the experts also have a focus. Psychological lectures are the first to let us understand the concept of psychological counseling and mental health, so that students can recognize the psychological health does not mean that the psychological is not normal, so that students can accept psychological counseling. Secondly, in view of the university freshmen just stepped into the school, the environment and the people all need to adapt to the phenomenon. During the lecture, the students actively participated in the interaction, and the response was enthusiastic.

Through this lecture, the students have a new understanding of the physical and mental health knowledge, and lay a good foundation for the study and life in the future.


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